HOUSE rules

Welcome to Villa Secret Spot!

Villa Secret Spot staff would like to welcome you and hope that you have a lovely holiday in our Villa. We hope you will look after it during your stay as if it was you own home. When you arrive to the Villa, please see the House Folder (on the kitchen table) to find all the information.

During your stay you are expected to:

Do not exceed the number of people registered. Be considerate to your neighbours, avoiding loudness and noise particularly between 10 pm and 8 am. These are villas mostly for families, and not for having parties. Surroundings is quiet and peaceful and we would like to stay that way.

Don’t bring surfboards/surbags or wetsuits indoors. If you have brought your own surfboards/wetsuits, please keep/maintain them outside at the spesific maintenance area, next to the gate (see the house folder on the kitchen table).

You are personally responsible for anything you damage. Contact us as soon as possible to declare it. You are also responsible for your personal belongings.

We recommend to purchase traveler insurance in your country.

In case of personal injury you should always contact your own insurance company. House owner cannot be held responsible but are available if you need help.

Use the swimming pool on your own responsibility. Keep the children under constant supervision. Take a shower before the use of swimming pool. Do not go wet in to the house or use indoor furniture. Pets are not allowed to enter the swimming pool. Please use plastic glasses on the pool area and the roof terraces (not included). If sanitary damage happens in the pool, please inform as. Sanitary cleaning charge 450€ will be charged in case of a sanitary damage.

Children should be under constant supervision of adults especially during risky activities like using the swimming pool.

Pets are not allowed.

Vehicles must be held on villa parking place. Two slots available in front of the villa (if occupied, there is places on the streets).

Standard settings 21°C. If needed more heating, please ask for the price/day. Do not keep all the air conditioning on all the time. Make sure you keep doors closed when the air conditioning is on.

Keep the fire under constant control. For the firewoods and bricks, please ask for the price. (You can bring your own as well)

Usage of the saunas and spesific rentals (surfboards, bikes etc) are charged separately, please ask for the price. All the rentals can be found from the garage, on arrival local housekeeping will give you the keys. When using the saunas, please shower before (on the outdoor shower or inside). Do not keep the saunas on all the time, it might cause risk. 

Make sure you understand how to use any electrical equipment that you are not familiar with and don’t change any existing settings. Wi-Fi password will be available on the house folder found on the house.

Please be aware of the wind, and close the sun umbrella and take the hammocks down if it gets stronger. Do not use indoor furniture outside and vice versa. The top rooftop stairs are not stable, so use them with your own risk and don’t lean on the handrail.

During the windy nights, seatable hammocks make noise. You can take them down if needed.

Villa Secret Spot is placed in a quiet rural area where the peace is essential. So out of respect for the peaceful neighborhood (families) and nature, the guests are kindly requested not to make parties or any kind of too loud or disturbing behavior.

Please keep the facilities clean especially the kitchen and toilets. Put all the garbage in designated container and keep the ground clear of litter (see the house folder). On your leaving, please clean the oven and all the dishes regularly, since the extended house cleaning is not included in the regular cleaning fee. Make sure the house looks the same as you arrived! Notice that cleaning daily/weekly is not included.

Do not throw anything else than toilet paper on the toilets. If plumber is needed to open the drains, charge will be from 100€ up. If toilet is not working/out of order, please use another one in the first floor near the garage door. Please keep the doors and windows open after taking a shower/bath to prevent humidity damages.

If you burn candles, do not leave them unattended and always make sure you extinguish the candle. Avoid unnecessarily running water and washing incompelte dishes on the dishwasher or incomplete laundry on the washing machine. Electricity is expensive on Portugal and a Villa as big as ours has a huge electricity bills. We wish not to charge any extra on the electricity, that’s why we kindly ask you to keep in mind to use all the electronics in sustainable way.

Leave the property in the same condition that you would like to find it for yourself (no need to vacuum etc, but don’t leave it extra dirty). Also make sure there is no dirty dishes or leftover food that can rotten. Please take trash out before you leave and do the dishes. Only use the furniture for its intended purpose and replace in its original position at the end of your stay. Leave all the house keys to the kitchen table.